24 hour quality service at your door step

We are available Late night, early morning or middle of the day, seven days a week, we will drop you where you need to go.

Fastest response time

Metro Radio Cab are strategically located throughout Cities of Pakistan, we can reach you within minutes of your call.

Fares computed by meter

At Metro Radio Cab Pakistan we guaranteed you that our fares are determined by electronic meter.

Advance reservation system

Whether you need a Metro Radio cab in 30 minutes, in three hours or tomorrow at noon, we will get you when it is convenient to you.
Just call our UAN No : 111-222-787 or Our dispatch office or use our on-line reservation system and give us a pickup time.

Safety comes first

Metro Radio Cab primary concern is passenger safety. From tires to brakes to fluids to lights, each cab is completely checked at daily basis.

Quality customer service

Metro Radio Cab has its own call centers if our service does not reach the high standards we have set for ourselves, we appreciate feedback from our customers.
Our goal is to ensure that you receive a safe and comfortable ride to your destination every time.

  • GOOD NEWSMetrocab started it's operation in Multan!